There is no doubt the frame and truss industry over the past few years has changed and with markets fluctuating, it is important more than ever, to explore new market opportunities for your business.

We are fortunate that WoodSolutions has been running an innovative Mid-Rise Program which has now gone national and FTMA Australia along with the nail plate companies, WPV, EWPAA, ATIF and fabricators have been working alongside the National Mid-Rise Advisory Team with our own Market Implementation Group focusing specifically on the lightweight prefabrication industry.

Whether you are interested in the Mid-Rise Lightweight Construction market, prefabricated timber cassettes or are currently doing three storey work we encourage you to attend the FTMA Technical Forum at Holmesglen TAFE which will outline the enormous amount of work done in these areas over the past few years. 

What makes this event more exciting is the WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Model which has been constructed at Holmesglen TAFE.  The model is a three storey building representing seven stories and has been designed for industry to use and it is definitely worth viewing. 

Given this is currently the only Mid-Rise Model in Australia, we thought it was important for all fabricators to have the opportunity to view the model firsthand before and after the seminar to gain a better understanding of the technical work surrounding the Mid-Rise market.

The FTMA Mid-Rise MIG has been working on issues for ours sector for a few years and now the project is officially coming to an end, so we thought it was worth sharing with fabricators and FTMA Supplier Members the work that has been done in this field

There are other issues which we believe will be of great interest to fabricators that will also be discussed at the Technical Forum including the WoodSolutions Top 100 Builders Program which has seen industry meet with the Top 100 Builder to better understand their expectations of our industry.  We want fabricators to be able to provide feedback on the builders thoughts which I have no doubt will help build a stronger industry.

Other topics to be covered include the National review of qualifications for the frame and truss industry along with an update on the aggregated data from the National Frame & Truss Industry Census

 Topics to be covered at the FTMA Technical Forum include:
  • Overview of Frame & Truss Sector Mid-Rise Program and findings
  • Overview of Lightweight timber Mid-Rise Systems discussing structural systems, fire separation, acoustics, panelisation and prefabricated supply
  • Lightweight Mid-Rise Timber Systems – utilisation and manufacture including floor cassettes, wall systems, roof, lift and stair based shafts
  • Panel Presentation by fabricators who have completed Mid-Rise jobs with lightweight framing / cassettes
  • The Mid-Rise Buildings completed within our sector focusing on the builders view regarding the ease of construction and assembly
  • Feedback from the WoodSolutions Top 100 Builders Discussions—what do Builders expect from our sector and what do you think the solutions are?
  • National Training reforms by Forestworks
  • Outcomes of the National Frame & Truss Industry Census around employment and training
Event Details:

DATE:          Tuesday 3rd December 2019

WHERE:      Holmesglen Chadstone Campus, Cnr Batesford & Warragul Rd, Holmesglen, Building 5 Conference Room

 TIME:         Midday Lunch around Mid-Rise Model followed by Seminar commencing at 1pm

                     Concludes with BBQ and Drinks at Mid-Rise Model at 5.30pm—7.30pm kindly sponsored by ForestWorks

COST:          $110.00 (GST Incl) 1/2 day Technical Forum, lunch, BBQ and drinks

RSVP:          Monday 25th November, 2019

We understand this is a busy time of year and that not everyone is interested in working in this market, but if we are to build up this new market it is vital that all fabricators understand the work that has been undertaken so we are on the same page when it comes time to speak to builders.

We truly hope fabricators from all over Australia interested in this market will take the time to attend this forum as the Mid-Rise Model is a great asset for the whole industry and it is important we use it.  If you cannot attend, send your designers or production managers as this is a great opportunity to view the model whilst learning more about the work that has been done in this field.

Following the seminar, fabricators and suppliers will be able to network around the Mid-Rise Model and talk to experts on various issues, whilst enjoying some end of year networking with a BBQ and a few drinks kindly sponsored by ForestWorks.

If you have any questions please call me on 0418 226 242 or via email.  Look forward to seeing you on the 3rd December, 2019 at Holmesglen TAFE Victoria.  Once you register, we will send the final agenda and a map outlining the conference room in Building 5 and the location of the Mid-Rise Model in Building 3.

Please download the registration form and email it back to to ensure your participation in this great event.