Briefing: Housing stimulus working but analysis shows more will be needed

Prepared by IndustryEdge, June 2020

As businesses connected to the housing industry continue to navigate these turbulent times, one of the most persistent questions is what to expect next.

There are a lot of variables of course, and each business is different. There are however some pieces of information on which we can rely. For those in the timber industry – the supply chain that frames the majority of houses and ensures they have roof trusses – the questions are as complex as for any other sector.

There is always great interest in dwelling approvals, and the news on that front is that stimulus appears to be working – for some sub-sectors anyway. In addition, for fabricators, the perennial question is how much work they will have, and as part of that, they and their supply chain want to know how much timber they will be using.

Here, in addition to the latest dwelling approvals data, we supply some clues to help understand the relationship between approvals and sawn structural softwood consumption.

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