Surfing the Housing Pipeline

(or measuring the demand-supply gap)

Prepared by IndustryEdge, September 2021

Having recently outlined the bursting pipeline of housing work in the supply chain, we have been asked more than once – when will it end? That’s a fair question, but one that sees us duck the head a little because the truth is: we don’t rightly know.

It may be lucky there are few barbecues right now, because we suspect that like us, fabricators and everyone else in the housing supply chain would get pretty weary of being told what we have to do to fix the housing ‘problem’.

When we say, ‘well, it’s a bit complex, and I don’t have all the answers’, the incredibly simple solutions offered up by the favoured uncles and the always helpful younger siblings would all be wearing a bit thin by now.

So, no blinding solutions and insights are offered up here, but perhaps another steak for when the barbecues do return.

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