Work life balance has become more important to people over the years and there is no doubt, during the global pandemic, that this has become even more important.

Australians spend around one third of their lives at work, so it is important that workplaces promote health and wellbeing programs for their workforce.

In 2021, FTMA Australia will be delivering resources for members to take up health and wellbeing programs in the workplace.

Workplace health and wellbeing programs not only positively influence a healthier workplace which makes great business sense but studies have show they also increase employee engagement, team cohesiveness, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and it also helps businesses improve their image in the longer term.

The majority of FTMA Members are mum and dad family run businesses and therefore, we believe, family values through increased awareness of health and wellbeing for your employees will help build a stronger business with more engaged employees and make you an employer of choice.

We will be starting in May with the introduction of the FTMA Domestic Family Violence Policy. FTMA has worked with Jo Mason at WorkHaven to develop this policy and resources which we will send to members for free.

Members will be encouraged to adopt the policy to best suit their business, hold a toolbox meeting with the presentations and notes provided as well as display the posters and brochures on this important issue. Once your business does this, you will be provided with a special logo, recognising your business as a Safe Work Haven, ensuring all current and future employees know that your workplace is a safe place to work.

Other programs to name a few include;

  • JulEYE – vision checks at work and addressing eye safety at work.
  • R U OK Day – Mental health awareness
  • Movember Men’s Health – How to move, grow a mo, raise awareness & funds.

Many businesses and individuals may already participate in a range of health and wellbeing initiatives, however, there is no doubt, we are stronger together and by addressing these issues, together as a sector, we will raise greater awareness.

If you have any recommendations for any health and wellbeing programs, or would like further information please let me know, otherwise FTMA Australia will send members all the resources required to participate.

These may not seem a priority in the current circumstances, however, we encourage all members to identify someone within their businesses to help introduce these health and wellbeing programs as they truly do help your business, especially when tendering for corporate or government jobs as it shows you are a business with a social conscious which is important in today’s business world.

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