2017 was the 10th anniversary for FTMA Australia operating as a national Association and as many of you know, the Association was born out of the Victorian Roof Truss & Wall Frame Association.

We have often referred to the fact if it wasn’t for the tireless efforts of Peter Wines, Phil Ladson, Phil McCormack and Clive Martella along with the support of many other fantastic board members FTMA Australia wouldn’t be the successful Association it is today.

However, fabricators and suppliers to our sector were not the only ones responsible for the formation and successful operation of FTMA Australia.

As is the same with many of your businesses there are the quiet ones, the ones that just go about their business behind the scenes that make enormous contributions and too often go unrecognised.

For the first FTMA Framed Faces we would like to honour one of the quiet ones, Trish Waters of Profit Wise Consulting.  A woman who was an instrumental backbone of the inauguration of FTMA Australia, she was the secretary, treasurer, constitution writer, marketing support, presentation writer.

Trish started working with Peter Wines and Phil Ladson back around the start of 2005 to do all the background work necessary to set-up FTMA Australia as a National Association.  Trish’s ability to adapt to the required and many varied roles was a huge advantage in the association getting off the ground as there was a lot of legal work and registering of names etc. that had to be done.

Trish put the initial constitution together and had it reviewed by a solicitor to confirm its correctness.  Trish then set up the accounting books, including the bank accounts required, chasing signatures and registering everything with ASIC, Banks and insurances.

Remember, there was no Executive Officer, just a couple of fabricators and suppliers working in their spare time to set up an Association for the benefit of the whole Australian industry.  There was lots of letter writing as we were involved and participating with the South Australian Ministerial Task Force and Trish was the genius behind the keyboard writing letters on behalf of the Association.

Obviously for a successful Association we also need to put together sponsorship packages, documentation, folders presentation, membership forms, website and many other day to day tasks that were simply taken up by Trish.

Trish Waters had worked with Peter Wines and in the frame and truss sector for a long time and she was the first to put her hand up and say she would do things.  Sure, she got paid for some of her work as the Association progressed but in the early days she did much of the work on a voluntary basis.

FTMA Australia used to have our Awards nights which were a huge task but before Nick Livanes and I came on board as Executive Officers most of this work was left to Trish.  Whether it was organising the judging process, venues, menus, entertainment or the MC for the night, the job was huge and these nights, which were successful nights were a great achievement for the Association at the time.

The passion and involvement that Trish has given the FTMA is a lot to do with where it is today, her love of this industry is unrivalled as to this day she is still a sounding board and involved in the accounting for the association. She has worked in a truss plants for about 30 years and loves the involvement with all the people within, from their customers to the workers throughout the business with no discrimination.

Trish’s passion for our sector has seen her find employment with Dean Kidd at Kidd Truss whilst she still runs Profit Wise Consultancy, is an active member of the Hoo Hoo Club and has become a valued true friend.

There is no way FTMA would be the Association it is today without the amazing dedication and professionalism of Trish Waters.  We all know that stability within a company is important, especially when it comes to staffing and culture.  Trish has provided FTMA Australia with the stability and positive culture is has needed to achieve for its members.

As usual life has trials and tribulations, and Trish has had her share.  However, her passion for our sector never waivers and on behalf of the FTMA membership and Board we say a big thank you Trish for your passion, professionalism, stability and dedication to growing the FTMA Family.


Kersten Gentle