FTMA Framed Faces celebrates 25 years in business for Victorian FTMA Member Raymond Gurney, Director of Prefab Technology in Croydon.

Raymond is one of those easily identifiable people…..on the phone, that is due to his thick Northern Irish accent.  Raymond, along with his wife Hilda moved to Australia in 1982 and it wasn’t long before he commenced work in the frame and truss industry, working for STI in Kilsyth.

In 1993 he set up Prefab Technology with Bob Stubbs and from a small shed in Ringwood they have grown the business into an efficient and professionally family owned based at their current site in Croydon.  In 2013 Bob retired with Raymond buying him out and he now employs 13 people including his son Richard.


Prefab Technology celebrated their 25 Year Anniversary with employees, customers and suppliers at the Healesville Picnic Races on Saturday 7th April, 2018.

The races were a great way for Raymond and his family to bring together the people who helped them reach their milestone anniversary.

During the speech on the day Raymond said:

“Each and every one of you here today are here for a reason.  That reason is you have all helped Prefab Technology grow.  Whether you’re a client, whether you’re a supplier or an employee, you are the reason we are a success today.”

Raymond went on to say:

“When Bob Stubbs and I formed Prefab Technology, we set out to supply the small builders and the extension builders and we have kept that going through our 25 years of operation.”

Raymond follows the Northern Ireland Soccer Team all over the world and has attended the last 2 World Cups in Brazil and this year will be going to Russia even though his Country hasn’t made it.  He did however see his beloved team play in the European Championships in France, which was the first major tournament they reached in approximately 30 years.

In the local AFL, Raymond and Richard are North Melbourne supporters and given they haven’t won a flag in 19 years it makes you wonder if there is a pattern!!!

FTMA Australia congratulates Raymond, Hilda, Richard and Chelsea on their 25 Year Anniversary and hope his good fortune rubs off on his teams.