This piece was written by FTMA’s Kat Welsh.

On 21st November, the FTMA staff attended the Associations Forum Associations Awards ceremony. It was a beautiful day up in Sydney, and a proud moment for us as an association.

Aside from the awards ceremony it was a great evening for the FTMA team, to be together and enjoy good food, great company, and a glass of bubbles, or 2!

FTMA is thrilled to have been shortlisted for this year’s Association of the Year Award. Although we didn’t receive the final award, making it to this level, is an honoured achievement. FTMA congratulates the Institute of Public Accountants on their success this year, and Change Management Institute on taking out the Small Association of the Year Award. We appreciate the hard work that all associations put in to supporting their people in the field they represent. So, a big well done to all.

A highlight that we particularly want to acknowledge is the Association Turnaround of the Year Award that was awarded to our dear friends in the industry, Forestry Australia.

CEO, Jacquie Martin, had this to say in a media release, “In the last five years, we have achieved significant membership growth, increased members satisfaction, expanded member benefits, increased revenue and equity, and made a huge step-change from being reactive towards leading the way. Since June 2020, our membership has increased by over 20 per cent, reaching the 1,200 member milestone in June this year. Importantly, we are attracting the next generation of leaders in our sector, with a doubling of Student and Young Professional members in recent years, as well as a six per cent increase in female members. We have taken the time to listen to our members and to deliver what they want, including webinars, mentoring programs, the appointment of a Science Policy Officer, and delivery of Position Statements.”

It was satisfying to be able to cheer as loud as we could as the team received their well-deserved award.

Something that came up throughout the night, that resonated with everyone in the room, and got mentioned in every speech, is culture. Culture is everything, both within an association, and how support is provided to its members. It impacts everything from employee satisfaction to overall productivity, and company success. Which is why FTMA has always been, and always will be, invested in making our association one of care, inclusivity, and ethics. And we provide whatever we can to help our people thrive with those same goals.

Being shortlisted, for FTMA, has been a deeply wonderful recognition of everything we tirelessly work for, for our members. Our members are everything to us. FTMA was born out of dedicated people in this sector of the industry, and continues to be an association that will put everything on the line to represent, campaign, and strive for what our members need.

In an industry that constantly faces struggles and tough times, FTMA like any close family, will do whatever it takes to look after, provide for, and keep strengthening needs and opportunities that are identified by our members.

Our members ask, we listen, and take action. Whatever FTMA needs to do, we do, to make a difference for individual family businesses, through to our larger companies, and for the sector as a whole. FTMA is genuine, passionate, and devoted to innovating this industry, not just for now, but for the future.

For FTMA to achieve a spot in the finals this year we also want to acknowledge, all that in turn support us, to do what we do.

We would like to thank our volunteer board, who diligently provide strategic guidance on top of their more than fulltime lives within the sector; our principal partners, Multinail, Pryda, and MiTek, whose unwavering support and assistance allows us to keep looking forward for our members; our strategic and supporting partners, who always have our back and provide crucial help; and of course, thank you to all our members. We do everything for you – we support, we invest, and we grow – this will always be our commitment.

FTMA is proud to have reached the Association of the Year shortlist, for all of us, together. We are a small team, but we are mighty, and we work hard, because of our frame and truss family.

Thank you.

Our Principal Partners