When we started our new F&T Time podcasts, we had no idea whether members or the supply chain would even listen. Five podcasts later and we are absolutely blown away with the positive feedback from members such as,

  • Listened to the podcast Kersten. You have produced something so professional! Terrific work and such a great initiative
  • A good listen.  Thanks for the hard work you are doing through all of this crazy world we live in at the moment.
  • Good morning Kersten, I’ve been sent a link to your podcasts which I enjoy listening to and find very informative.
  • Kersten – great format to communicate! First one I listened to and it’s great.  Everyone has half an hour in the car to listen to these podcasts.
  • Just started listening to your podcast BOOM. I love podcasts I listen to them most days and I think it was an awesome idea. I’m enjoying it and hope you are going to continue doing them it’s a great way to get info out.

These are just a few of emails I’ve received plus texts like Mate I’m f&%king loving these podcasts, your best work yet, they are coming across sooooo good”

Initially the plan was to release a podcast fortnightly, and we know we have exceeded this but with so many issues bubbling away, the podcasts are the perfect way of getting detailed information out to the supply chain in quick fashion and they are easier for people to digest the situation.

Our podcasts thus far include;

  • Ep 1: Riding the Wave with Tim Woods who explains the importance of a healthy supply chain and talks about ways builders and fabricators can ride the wave and survive. Listen now
  • Ep 2: Advocacy & Policies with Ross Hampton. With the upcoming federal election and a couple of crucial state elections this year, we thought it was valuable for Ross to come along and talk about the all-important policies for our industry and outline how everyone within the industry can have a voice in the lead up to these elections. Listen now
  • Special Edition: The Impact of ‘Conflict Timber’. This was a special edition of FTMA’s F&T Time where we discussed the impacts on timber imports as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – Listen Now
  • Ep 3: The Clive Martella Service to Industry Award. With nominations for the 2022 Award now open, we were joined by a true pioneer in roof truss manufacturing, the 2019 Clive Martella Service to Industry recipient, Jim Cheney, and his granddaughter and FTMA Board member, Nikita Bourke. Listen now
  • Special Edition: The Ripple Effect of Devastating Floods. In this new special edition of F&T Time, we speak to FTMA Members, David & Mark Sly, Directors of Sly Bros who have been impacted by the recent flood disaster in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Listen now

These podcasts have been downloaded 856 times with the most listened to F&T Time podcast being the special edition on Conflict Timber.

We are currently planning an update on the Conflict Timber issue for a few weeks’ time when we know more on what the impact of this decision will be on the supply chain.

FTMA welcomes members to contact us if they have suggestions for future podcasts, otherwise we will continue to interview our members and leaders within the industry and keep members updated on the latest news.

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