I first saw Susanne Bransgrove of Liquid Gold Consulting (pictured right) present on the topic of Family Transitioning at a Multinail Conference.  It struck a chord with me as no matter how big or small your business, our sector is all about family owned businesses.

Furthermore I had witnessed first hand many generational transitions and not all have gone according to plan.  In fact it was interested that Susanne explained that 70% of transitions to the next generation in today’s environment fail with a whopping 95% of failure due to communication so it is vital that planning and effective communication is essential.

I have no doubt Susanne can help many of our FTMA Members and I encourage you to look through her presentation, something that I will share again in upcoming editions of FTMA News and talk to Susanne if this is something you are keen on.

The step before speaking to Susanne, in my opinion is talking to AusIndustry and FTMA Australia can help you with this process as there is great funding available to help you make this transition including the engagement of experts like Susanne.

The Fabricator Panel which followed Susanne’s presentation of Jennifer Dornan of Wingham Frames & Trusses and Tyson, Jaden & Philip of Riverstone Frame & Truss was perfection in my eyes.  To hear first hand how different businesses have handled or are handling the transition is such an eye opener and I truly thank these four beautiful people for being so candid and sharing their stories.

Family Transitioning Fabricator Panel (L-R): Jaden Fry, Philip Males, Tyson Epiha (Riverstone Frame & Truss), & Jennifer Dornan (Wingham Frames & Trusses)




To view and download Susanne’s presentation please click on the link below.