Our Industrial Relations experts at Timber Trade Industrial Association have prepared a table to better help you understand the different levels relevant for the frame and truss sector in the Timber Industry Award.

It is not comparable to reading through Schedule B of the Timber Industry Award however, it may act as an easy reference guide which references the specific duties relating to the frame and truss sector into the table with the weekly and hourly rates alongside.

Schedule B highlight other duties that could be applicable to the F&T industry such as setting up and working on wood machines. However, for the sake of keeping the table easy to read, it provides wording for each level that references frames and trusses.

The key thing to remember with these levels is that they are minimum rates and so long as you pay your employee at least the rate of pay the employee is classified at, then you are in compliance with the Fair Work Act in meeting the minimum award requirements.

Also, by way of example, if someone is classified as Level 4 under the TIA, an employer is free to pay the employee the Level 4 rate of $794.30 per week or any amount above that rate.  It is not necessary for them to reclassify the employee at a higher level to pay them a higher weekly rate.

We encourage members to download the Easy Reference Guide for Frame & Truss Levels in the Timber Industry Award from the Members Only section of FTMA News.