This piece was written and provided by FTMA Strategic Partner, Dindas Australia.

In the ever-evolving landscape of structural engineering, embracing technological advancements is crucial for staying competitive and delivering high-quality outcomes. That is why our new feature, Dindas isView®, is a game-changer for our clients. From my perspective as a Chief Operating Officer, incorporating isView® 3D visualisation technology into our EWP Structural Projects offers numerous advantages.

With Dindas isView®, our latest cutting-edge feature of our Dindas Design Suite EWP Software, a simple scan of a custom QR code opens up a new enhanced visualisation of the Structural Layout. Users can navigate through a visually appealing 3D representation of the construction structure, facilitating better understanding and communication among team members, clients, and stakeholders.

This powerful feature provides an interactive experience, allowing builders and certifiers to access the entire engineered model from their mobile or tablet, navigating through different structural sections effortlessly. On top of that, users can select individual construction elements to verify product details such as Joist data, Beam data, structural support data, and connection requirements.

The primary goal of isView® is to enhance installer education, streamline the installation process, detect errors early on, coordinate changes, and reduce rework. With a centralised cloud 3D model accessible to all stakeholders, the project team gains accurate and detailed visualisations whenever needed. It also offers a convenient Bill of Materials list, facilitating and expediting working with merchants and suppliers.

Whenever you need, Dindas Design Suite is also capable of generating new EWP Site Layouts as a PDF with an active QR Code powered by isView® with this enhanced 3D Visualisation. Printing or sharing these layouts via mobile devices with certifiers or trades is also possible. This exclusive feature is available to our valued clients who have completed floor system orders placed from any Dindas Australia branch.

As a professional in the Building and Construction sector for almost thirty years, where the industry thrives, integrating 3D visualisation technology into your structural building projects can give you a competitive edge. The benefits of detailed project visualisation, improved collaboration, and cost savings make isView® a valuable tool for delivering successfully and sustainably designed structures.

John Cannard
Chief Operating Officer
Dindas Australia

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