This piece was written by FTMA’s Kat Welsh.

What You Need To Know About Impact and Assessment of Moisture-affected Timber-framed Construction

Welcome back for the April (how is it April already?!) edition of Design Guides That Matter #4. Where we are showcasing the incredible technical design guides that make up the FREE resources produced by WoodSolutions. For more general information on the design guides, January’s FTMA article has the main insight into what a great resource WoodSolutions has available.

The design guide we’re showcasing this month is:

This guide is specifically focusing on the issues and considerations when it comes to timber frames being exposed to moisture and the elements. It covers off issues such as whilst waiting for the build to progress, but also other types of water damage and moisture that might impact finished structures.

It’s an interesting guide because the topic is broad. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to assessing the impact on timber. There are multiple facets to consider when timber is exposed to varying conditions, not just moisture, and the guide is clear about assessing each situation individually. The extent of the information of the guide is an incredible benchmark of everything to think about including – not just structural timber – plywoods, OSBs, particleboards, joists, Glulams and LVLs, the associated risks of termites, mould / fungus, and even flood damage and sea tidal surges on established properties … the list is wide-ranging.

While there are many varying factors to check primarily, there is also much that can be done based on the then established quantities, and this guide is a brilliant reference to specific areas of the build, established moisture contents, how to test and what to look out for, and what follows. The guide also goes to lengths looking at internal areas that could be compromised or impacted by moisture – stairing, kitchen and bathroom areas, and floorings.

The integrity of our homes, builds, and community infrastructures rely on getting this right – integrity of the timber, integrity of quality finished buildings, and integrity of our industry are all what we’re aiming for. The safety of the structure and its longevity using it into the future, is vital.

This guide serves as your checklist and manual but must be used in combination with any specific state guidelines, or codes. For non-technical people, it’s really fascinating to see and learn about everything behind this topic. For the technically minded, and those in the industry, it will serve as a great tool. So, get on these guides people!

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