The offsite timber frame and truss industry has a great story to tell, as our products store carbon for life and help create a greener future. But how do you get the discussion started, and what are easy responses to back up our story.

Start the Discussion

So many times, I have been talking to someone about the benefits of timber and another industry person has commented, that they wish they could be that comfortable talking about the facts. YOU CAN, you don’t need to be technical. I don’t have a technical bone in my body, but I believe in the role timber plays in addressing our Climate crisis and am passionate about timer.

To help you generate discussions, whilst having all the answers, we have created Carbon Warrior Discussion Points which we hope will give you confidence to discuss the important fact, that we must use more timber if we are really serious about addressing our climate crisis. You can also access our Carbon Warrior policy below, which in our opinion, leads to a greener future and outlines four simple steps governments should follow if they want to make a real difference.

I hope the Carbon Warrior Discussion Points paper helps give you confidence to participate in discussions with your builders and networks about the role timber plays in reducing emissions.

Please share this document with all in your workforce, as our industry needs to find their voice, and be loud, proud Carbon Warriors!

Other Resources

In addition to the discussion points, the Timber Framing Collective and The Ultimate Renewable™ have created fantastic resources for you to share with your builders and networks. A lot of work has gone into creating these resources, which you can access for FREE, so we encourage you to use them.  You have videos, brochures, email footers, certificates and many more resources for your business to use.

It’s time to be loud and proud Carbon Warriors!

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