(COVID-19) Resources

FTMA Australia is continuing throughout this pandemic to keep on top of the latest news and provide updates to our members as early as possible on issues which will directly impact the frame and truss industry. See the COVID Resource Kit below.

As the situation in Australia is everchanging and each state and territory has their own restrictions, please follow the relevant links below to see the current restrictions in each jurisdiction.

You can also check restrictions in all states and territories, including border restrictions, using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

COVID Resource Kit

The resources below include refreshed COVID posters to stop complacency, a COVIDSafe Plan template and a Compliance Checklist to go with it, plus resources in case a worker tests positive and a workplace attendance register.

2020 Resources

The resources below including fact sheets breaking down the various financial support packages, employee entitlements and WHS duties, were created last year (2020) during the first nation wide lockdown.

In Australia the situation is changing rapidly.

You can access the latest information from


COVID-19 in the


This section includes:

  • Fact Sheet: Face Masks in the Workplace
  • Fact Sheet: Your WHS Duties
  • National Safe Workplace Principles
  • Fact Sheet: COVID-19 Incident Notification
  • Infographic: If an Employee has COVID-19
  • And more

JobKeeper Payment

This section includes:

  • Fact Sheet: Breaking down JobKeeper 2.0
  • FAQs – JobKeeper Payment
  • A Fact Sheet that breaks down the new JobKeeper Payment scheme and explains which employers and employees are eligible plus, explains how to register your interest.

Employee Entitlements

This section includes:

  • Employee Entitlements Flowchart
  • Fact Sheet: Employee Entitlements in a Pandemic

Financial Support

This section includes:

  • Fact Sheet: Commercial Tenancies
  • Fact Sheet: Apprentices & Trainees Package
  • Fact Sheet: Second Stimulus Package
  • Fact Sheet: Bank Assistance Package
  • Fact Sheet: Tax Support
  • Fact Sheet: First Stimulus Package

State & Territory


This section includes:

  • A fact sheet for each state and territory breaking down the various support options available in the respective state/territory.

Flexible Working


This section includes:

  • Fact Sheet: Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Fact Sheet: WHS when Working from Home
  • Working from Home Checklist

Insurance & Insolvency


This section includes:

  • QBE Trade Credit Update
  • Briefing Note on Trade Credit Cuts
  • Fact Sheet: New Insolvency Changes
  • FAQs – Insurance Policies
  • Press Release from FTMA & TABMA on Trade Credit Cuts

Other Resources

This section includes:

  • Plant Entry Posters
  • Fact Sheet: COVID-19 & Mental Health
  • Fact Sheet: Border Closures
  • Reduce Your Risk (Tea Room Flyer)
  • My Small Business – To Do In Isolation Toolkit