The 2019 ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ conference and exhibition will focus on the latest developments for design and building of timber and mass wood systems, with over 70 local and global experts in the two-day program.

Opening session speaker Assoc Prof David Chandler will address the building industry and commented “Australia’s construction costs have risen at a faster rate than any other sector of the economy over the last decade.

“During this time there has been no measured productivity off-set, while construction costs have largely become accepted as being a function of a high cost of living economy.

“New projects have been committed on the basis that their projected costs can continue to be passed on to clients and the public, however the reality is that Australia’s construction industry has yet to face up to the urgent need to become measurably more competitive” he concluded.

Another compelling speaker Duncan Mayes from forestry and timber company Timberlink Australia will focus on both climate change and health and wellbeing.

Duncan stated “Energy efficiency of buildings is increasingly in the spotlight and today’s building methods and materials are not fully conducive to the objectives of reducing fossil depletion, carbon footprint and healthy living.

“Wood can bring positive solutions to address many of these challenges, with research and development now enabling the world’s most abundant natural polymers from trees providing exciting new products and end uses from forests”.

The Speakers program on Monday will present topics under the headings ‘Building the future’, ‘Offsite Systems’, ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘Construction’.

Tuesday morning will comprise Project Panel sessions featuring key participants in the design and build process for a selection of outstanding construction projects.

One project is a recently completed 5-level commercial office building above existing premises in Melbourne’s CBD, with a highly-sustainable design and innovative construction using lightweight materials with a structural steel grid and cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Afternoon Workshops will engage delegates in discussion on a range of significant topics to be considered in design and management of Offsite building projects.

Frame 2019 titled ‘Timber Offsite Construction’ will be held on Monday and Tuesday 17-18 June at Crown Promenade Melbourne. For more details and registration visit