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One of the first of its kind in Australia, Construction as production is a new professional development subject to help you understand production orientated methods and take advantage of the technical and commercial opportunities it affords.

There are increasing calls for construction processes to mimic the efficiency of production technologies but the uptake, particularly in Australia, is still relatively slow. The purpose of this subject is to more effectively adopt industrialised production principles in construction practices. To make it more efficient, more cost effective.

Construction as production is ideal for those who are:

  • forward thinking and looking for new business or competitive advantage
  • wanting to know about innovative construction technologies
  • facilitating change within their organisation towards advanced design and construction processes
  • frame and truss manufacturers looking at panelisation.


What you’ll learn


This subject isn’t just about offsite prefabrication processes, Construction as production also addresses how onsite processes and planning must change as well.

Topics include client led needs, mass customisation, modularisation, design for manufacture and assembly principles, supply chain strategies, logistics, identifying opportunities for production orientated methods and the use of digital technologies to link end-to-end delivery processes.

The program includes self-paced online learning and an intensive workshop featuring highly knowledgeable industry speakers.

For enquiries and a detailed subject outline, please contact Erin.Heywood@uts.edu.au





Three self-paced online modules

Available from Tuesday 8 October 2019

Face-to-face workshop:

1.5 day intensive workshop at UTS

Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 October 2019


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