Joe was the first speaker to crack open up the bottle of courage provided to fabricator speakers to help him through the presentation, but in my opinion, he didn’t need it as he nailed it.

FTMA Australia loves fabricators sharing their stories and their knowledge as, in my opinion, they know our industry better than anyone.  They also know what we need and for me it was great to see a fabricator develop a product to help our industry.

Des Edge Systems is a product born from frustration when Joe was supplying pre-fabricated wall frames, floor trusses and roof trusses for a 20 unit project where he was held up due to a third party not being able to provide the right fall protection at the right time.

The last thing our sector needs is delays and from that delay, Joe realised that not only could he produce a product that was easy to use for builders, but was quick to install due to most of the work being done offsite in the fabricators factory.

Our sector needs to continue to increase our services, to increase the money that goes in to your pocket and the Des Edge Systems is something that all fabricators can promote, use and make money from.

Congratulations to Joe and his team and I encourage you to contact Joe so your business can too deliver extra services and make additional income.

Joe Hackett of Complete Frames presenting

at the 2019 FTMA Australia National Conference



To view and download Joe’s presentation please click on the link below.