It’s time to put timber in the frame as one of the only building materials that’s renewable and sustainable, absorbing huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and keeping it locked up even if the timber is eventually reused.

The Timber Framing Collective will soon be introducing a suite of resources to help share the remarkable green story of Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™. These resources not only celebrate the contribution our industry is making to help tackle climate change, but also the rational benefits of timber framing (durable, reliable, workable, etc), innovation of our industry and the tens of thousands of people involved throughout production and supply.

Almost 80% of consumers want to know about timber framing’s green credentials.

Despite timber framing being one of the most eco-friendly building materials, many people still think cutting down trees is a bad thing. And despite most builders and fabricators preferring to work with timber, many have been steered to other materials due to consumer demand.

Research also showed that:

  • 78% of consumers would like an eco-friendly building material option
  • However, less than half of builders and suppliers are likely to discuss sustainable materials with their clients

These new resources aim to educate and empower our entire supply chain to proudly stand up for our craft, guide people back to a deep-seated love for timber and share timber framing’s environmental benefits—which is exactly what consumers are asking for.

The Resources

The resources include videos, brochures, fact sheets, posters, social assets, emails banners, merchandise and more.

You’ll get unlimited access to the entire suite that can be:

  • Shared across your social platforms
  • Uploaded to your website
  • Presented to clients and consumers
  • Displayed in offices and display suites
  • Used however best fits your organisation

Join the ever-growing group of people in our industry committed to putting timber in the frame and helping tackle climate change.

Keep an eye out for the release of the resources and the launch of the new website at

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