This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor, AKD.

AKD’s website,, has recently had a “facelift” and we think it’s more than skin deep! Both the structure and content of our company website has been overhauled to make it easier to find relevant content for all visitors, as well as providing more current company information on our products, processes, and activities.

Highlights of the new website of interest to FTMA members

Latest issue of Splinter newsletter published quarterly as an easy-to-read flipbook with back issues also available

New AKD Stockist Locator for builders and DIYers to source AKD products from our network of loyal partner customers

Updated and dedicated Downloads section for easy access to all materials including current product SDSs, site certifications and product compliance information

We now have a series of product information brochure downloads with AKD Framing download being of particular interest to FTMA members

What might interest you on our revamped website?

For past visitors returning to our site and for new visitors, we are very proud of AKD’s strategic expansion in plantation forest ownership and development and the latest about this can be found under “Forestry Our Plantations” tab.

Did you know that:

AKD currently owns and manage 10,000 hectares of sustainably grown Radiata pine plantations. AKD’s plantation estate is spread across areas of Western Victoria, situated in three specific regions: Otway, Ballarat and the Green Triangle. These plantations were established to support our Colac sawmills.

AKD recently purchased new land in the Oberon and Tumut areas of New South Wales, soon to be established into Radiata pine plantations for our sawmills in these regions.

AKD’s Own Plantations:

  • 2021 Planting – completed 495ha that’s 668,000 seedlings planted
  • 2022 Planting – preparing for a significant step up this year 850ha – that’s 1,050,000 seedlings to be planted

Help us to keep you updated with all the necessary and helpful information about AKD by dropping us a line on the Contact Us page if you have additional questions or requests for information.

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