The inception of the Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award was born out of a profound personal tragedy, yet it transformed into a compelling force for positive change within the timber frame and truss industry. Moved by the loss of Jackson Kidd, a vibrant individual whose life ended far too soon due to the struggles with mental health, his parents Dean and Tammy Kidd worked alongside FTMA to create a lasting legacy in his honour.

We envisioned an award that would not only serve as a perpetual tribute to Jackson’s memory but also act as a catalyst for eradicating the stigma around mental health issues in the workplace. Together, we launched an accolade that emphasised the critical importance of mental health awareness and support. The Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award thus emerged as a beacon of hope, encouraging companies to prioritise the mental well-being of their employees as much as their physical safety.

The presentation of the inaugural 2024 Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award to AAA Advanced Trusses was a momentous occasion, marked by the emotional speeches from Dean and Tammy Kidd, who initiated this award in loving memory of their son, Jackson.

In a night tinged with solemn remembrance and heartfelt commitment, AAA Advanced Trusses stood under the spotlight, not just for their industrial achievements but for the profound impact they’ve made in the realm of mental health within the workplace.

AAA Advanced Trusses, led by Colin & Andrew Clements and Ryan Goodes, has set a remarkable precedent for how companies can cultivate a nurturing, supportive work environment. Their comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing, underscored by initiatives such as the Annual Wellness Reviews and Employee Assistance Programs, reflects a deep understanding of the importance of mental health. Their commitment goes beyond standard practices, creating a workplace where employees not only have access to physical wellness facilities like an on-site gymnasium but also benefit from emotional support systems fostering a sense of belonging and safety.

The award presentation at the Geelong Cats Stadium during the 2024 FTMA National Conference Dinner was emotionally charged. The AAA team’s acceptance speeches shed light on personal tragedies with mental health, underscoring the imperative for attention and action in this area. It was a night that transcended corporate accolades, touching the very hearts of the 270 attendees with a raw, powerful message about the importance of mental health support in the workplace.

AAA Advanced Trusses’ victory in winning the inaugural Jackson Kidd Wellbeing Award was a poignant reminder of the impact companies can have on their employees’ lives beyond the workspace. They stand as beacons of hope and progress in the industry, pioneering efforts to ensure that their employees feel valued, safe, and supported at all times. This award, in honour of Jackson Kidd, is a testament to the fact that change is possible and that the fight for mental health awareness and support in the workplace is gaining ground, one step at a time.

We encourage you to follow AAA Advanced Trusses on their Instagram page to see first hand the many activities they undertake with their employees. FTMA Congratulates the entire AAA Advanced Trusses team on your outstanding achievements in addressing mental health in the workplace.

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