This piece is a part of the Carbon Warrior Spotlight series.

As more and more people look at ways to reduce emissions and develop Net Zero Housing, timber manufacturers become more and more important.

Over the past few years, Wales have conducted studies into improving the timber construction sector with a focus on net zero grown homes through their Home-Grown Homes project. The project investigated what was needed across the forestry, manufacturing, and housing construction sectors to deliver low carbon social housing

The final report found:

“The timber frame manufacturing sector is the foundation of the low carbon, offsite manufacturing industry. Timber frame companies are therefore best placed to take a leading role in the transformation of manufactured zero carbon housing.”

You can read the final report for the Home-Grown Homes Project—A study for improving the Timber Construction Supply Industry in Wales here.

In addition to the final report, the Home-Grown Home Project developed a range of resources including practical tools and guidance for all involved in social housing from developers to manufacturers to wood processors.

You can access the list of resources here: Wood Knowledge Wales.

So be excited about the future! After all, you as timber fabricators and Carbon Warriors are key to a greener future.

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