Australian made sustainable timber

Rather than rest on its laurels, the Australian timber industry has continuously evolved with new milling, grading systems and engineered products, meaning that timber is even more relevant in the 21st century.

OneFortyOne’s sustainably managed and renewable plantation resource means that you will be using the most environmentally responsible building material too.


Coupled with a high-tech prefabrication industry, timber framed construction has never been more reliable and efficient. In fact, timber framing is now expanding into medium rise commercial and residential construction thanks to recent changes to building codes.

Strong, tough and energy efficient

Builders and homeowners appreciate the strength and ease of construction of timber framing. Future renovations are easy as new construction can be easily integrated with the existing structure.

Timber framing is a great insulator and coupled with energy efficient design, timber-framed homes will keep energy costs down and will be comfortable into the future.

Termite resistant

For extra peace of mind, OneFortyOne’s advanced blue termite treatment process gives you peace of mind and is backed by a limited 25 year warranty.

Sustainable forests

Sustainable forest management epitomises the very ethos of OneFortyOne. The estate and our management practices are recognised as being best practice, and that endorsement is sealed through our independent certification to the Australian Forest Certification Standard (AS 4708- 2013).

The Green Triangle Region

The Green Triangle is where it all began, in the forest estate that gives our company its name, located on the 141st meridian east line on the border of South Australia and Victoria.

OneFortyOne’s Green Triangle operations are a vital part of the local economy, employing over 390 people directly and an additional 400-plus contractor workforce. The work starts in our Glencoe nursery and continues as we tend to over 80,000 hectares of Radiata pine softwood plantation estate. The majority of our forests are under a 105-year lease with the South Australian Government, with approximately 2,000 hectares of freehold land and trees.

We are a significant contributor to the region and the forestry and timber industry. In fact, in 2019 OneFortyOne supplied every timber processor in the Green Triangle region. During 2019, it is estimated that OneFortyOne put $100 million into the local Green Triangle economy.

Taking care of the trees and the environment

We are responsible for the stewardship of 95,000 hectares of forest, including 82,000 hectares of plantation forest. Over the 2019 year, a total of 5,174,455 trees were planted across 28 separate planting sites.

We harvested a total of 3,779,272 trees during 2019 which means we planted over one million more trees than we harvested in 2019

Getting the most out of every tree harvested

At our Jubilee Sawmill we are always striving to extract more value from every timber fibre that passes through our hands, getting 100% of the possible value returned from each tree harvested. This means working with domestic processors and manufacturers to find efficiencies so we can ensure every part of each tree harvested is supplied to the customer which values it the most, while also minimising the costs of harvesting, production and supply.

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