The Engineered Wood wholesale and distribution space in Australia in world rankings is right up there when it comes to warehouse investment, saw technology, service model on piece orders, variety of sections to choose from, fast turnaround times, site deliveries, technical support in the form of take offs, and even in some cases high level engineering in the longer established distributors. Meyer Timber houses two well credentialed fulltime Structural Engineers that support our F&T partners and some other wholesalers also offer this valuable investment to customers. The wholesale sector committed to this space dating back to the early 90’s of EWP pioneers such as Tilling Timber, Dindas Australia, Newcastle Timber Trading and Meyer Timber have remained committed to the evolution of the service model and the selection of products they offer.

So where next for EWP wholesale distribution in Australia, and if we have exhausted the component or “stick” supply what will evolution look like in the future?

If you look at the housing market there is continued movement in all things “Pre-Fab” from walls to floors and even roofs. But what we are learning in our discussions at Meyer Timber with our heads of the “Smarts” department is that Pre-Fab does not always need big moves, sometimes the smallest “offsite” add on can be a huge “on site” advantage and this is where Meyer Timber sees evolution for the EWP Distribution sector. Now I hope to not have the eyes rolling or mouths yawning of this valuable F&T audience, as we know you have all continuously evolved from what you once did, to what you now do. Our role is to keep the FTMA members engaged in what we bring to the table in the EWP space and how we dovetail into your business with your product, each individually.

This movement has formed the Meyer Timber PREFAB-IT Team and this encompasses all things PREFAB. So with all of my preamble aside (and the correct number of words for Kersten) what is the small offsite move Meyer Timber is making for the big onsite advantage………?


meyBRACE is an engineered prefabricated timber bracing portal solution for use around openings where there are only narrow wall sections available either side.  It is supplied as a complete kitset including docked to length pre-fabricated columns (with screw patterns pre-drilled) and lintels, connection hardware and tie-downs.  Racking capacities for typical openings of around 6kN and maximum capacities of over 12kN make meyBRACE competitive with other high capacity short wall solutions with the added benefit of quick and simple installation.  It can be either site assembled or installed during wall frame manufacture, is designed to maximise capacity for the specific opening, and has full engineering and technical backup.  The “Smarts” department have delivered on this one no doubt.

2020 has forced a philosophical reset into the mindset of all of our industry and in our opinion this is where the evolution will find new direction…… BRACE YOURSELF for 2021 with meyBRACE 😊

Kent Powell – Meyer Timber National Sales and Marketing Manager.

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