No matter what we buy these days, it is important to know how to look after your products to ensure they are fit for their original purpose.  For example, if you buy a leather couch, you are told how to care for the product to maximise its life and ensure you are meeting the warranty requirements.

FTMA Australia felt with the current building climate and the stress on the supply chain, that it was important for builders to know that they have not only bought the best environmental choice, but they also have responsibilities to ensure the product, once installed, remains fit for purpose.

Fabricators ensure products received on building sites have been fabricated and supplied to the highest possible quality and standards and are fit for purpose.

It is important that upon receiving the products, the builders understand they have a responsibility for caring for these quality products.

However, unfortunately we’ve all heard the stories of frames and/or trusses being delivered to site, only to sit in the weather for weeks, or to have the products erected and left uncovered for weeks or months on end with rain, sunshine, cold and hot weather affecting the final product.

I remember approximately 8 years ago having a debate with a builder, who had erected his frames and trusses and after enduring 4 months of the summer and autumn heatwaves, rain, and cold weather, without having any cladding on the structure whatsoever, the builder wanted the fabricator to fix the product which had unfortunately had nailplate withdrawal and a few sticks of timber were twisted.

I explained to the builder, that I also was disappointed recently with a product I had purchased as I had bought a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread and after three months of sitting in the cupboard it was mouldy and stale.  He scoffed at me and said that was a ridiculous analogy, however, as I explained to him, he too had ignored the best practice guidelines to look after his product and ensure it was still fit for purpose, so why is it up to the fabricator to fix his problems.

FTMA Australia has created the Best Practice – Caring for Your Timber Products flyer that we encourage fabricators to send out with every load, ensuring builders understand their responsibilities in caring for their newly purchased timber products.

Timber is a natural product and is the best environmental choice as you are helping address climate change by storing carbon for life in the frames and trusses.  With builders working with fabricators to ensure deliveries are made at the right time and products are erected and not left exposed for extended periods of time especially in periods of wet/dry weather cycles.

If builders or fabricators would like to discuss this Best Practice flyer further please contact Kersten Gentle at FTMA on 0418 226 242, otherwise we encourage members to begin sending the flyer out with all deliveries.

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