Throughout the past six years or so, FTMA Australia has promoted the services of the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs Programme which is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity.

The programme offers a range of services, but the one that we have found most beneficial for members is the Business Evaluation Action Plan.  Businesses are provided with access to experienced, independent Business Advisers to review the business and provide a Business Evaluation Action Plan with recommended strategies for business improvements or growth.  The Evaluation not only includes up to 12 months of mentoring to help implement the strategies but for those meeting the criteria, which is most of our industry, you can also access funding to help implement the strategies.

At our recent FTMA Focus Forum in NSW, Members Nick Fry of Riverstone Frame & Truss and Christine Flanagan of Calco Trusses and Timber spoke of the benefits of participating.  Nick said it was an interesting process to be part of and they found the process informative and beneficial with funding being accessed to put the next generation at the company through leadership training.

Christine explained how Calco Trusses & Timber had worked with AusIndustry for years and were now implementing their third strategy.  The mentor they worked with, helped guide the business through the strategies and assisted in accessing funding for programs was something that Christine saw as a great benefit to their business and could not see any negatives with this initiative.

So, who can apply?  There are a range of eligibility requirements but basically you must:

  • Be a for-profit, non-tax-exempt company that is registered for GST and operating in Australia for at least three years.
  • Have an annual turnover or operating expenditure between $1.5million ($750,000 for remote Australia & Northern Territory) and $100 million.
  • Be operating in a specified growth sector.

FTMA believes this program has demonstrated great benefits for members, as you can have the Business Evaluation done for free with experts and it is then up to your business as to whether you wish to implement strategies to increase your productivity or address safety issues.

If you wish to participate in this program or find out more information you can either call 13 24 26 or visit You can of course send an email to me at and I will find out your specific consultant covering your area.

There are truly no negatives to this and we encourage fabricators to embrace the program and receive your free business evaluation.