In the past few weeks, FTMA has provided several different COVID-19 Updates for the different states and territories across Australia. So, in case anyone has missed the many announcements, here is a little recap of what is happening because it can sometimes be a bit confusing:


Canberrans are currently under lockdown restrictions, which will continue until 5pm Thursday 2 September. Unfortunately, at the start of the lockdown fabricators were closed, however, after FTMA lobbied, timber fabricators were recognised as essential. Despite our sector now being allowed to operate, construction is closed in the ACT and deliveries to site cannot occur which has created a new problem of storing the finished products, which has inadvertently forced one to close and if construction doesn’t open soon or deliveries can’t be made, the others may also be forced to close.

On top of this, they have strengthened their border restrictions with NSW. Surprisingly, Cooma is considered a border community with Victoria, yet not recognised by the ACT as one which is ridiculous.

Face masks are also mandatory at all times when leaving the home, including workplaces.

For more information on the current situation in the ACT: 


After outbreaks in the regions, the whole of Regional NSW was put into lockdown.

The Central Coast and Shellharbour were reclassified as regional NSW, meaning they are no longer part of the Greater Sydney lockdown area.

The Greater Sydney lockdown has been extended until the end of September.  If you are travelling further than 50km out of Greater Sydney for work, you have to apply for a permit via Service NSW.

There are also LGAs of Concern, mainly in South-West and Western Sydney, which are under stricter restrictions, including a curfew and as of August 28, a different permit will be required to enter or leave the LGAs of Concern. This isn’t operational yet and as the Transport Workers’ Union put it, “it’s a complete shambles” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Face masks are mandatory state wide both indoors and outdoors.

For more information on the current situation in NSW:


Last week, Greater Darwin and Katherine were thrown into a snap lockdown. Fortunately, both the Greater Darwin and Katherine areas were out of lockdown, just as quick as they went into it.

Face masks must be worn in public when you cannot maintain a physical distance of 1.5m. This also applies to the workplace, when physical distancing cannot be applied.

For more information on the current situation in the NT:


Queensland, in particular SEQ, is looking up after facing lockdown a month ago. In fact, SEQ are on track to join the rest of Queensland at Stage 3 restrictions. Yes, we know the different levels of restrictions in each state and territory is confusing, but Stage 3 in QLD is a good thing.

Their border restrictions have tightened with NSW causing trouble for many on the Tweed.

For more information on the current situation, including border restrictions, in QLD:


Surprise! Victoria is in lockdown. Sorry, humour seems to be the only thing getting us through our sixth lockdown at the moment.  Is it 6.2 or is 7.0, we’ve lost count given regional Victoria was taken out of lockdown and put back into lockdown within the week.

There is a permit required for all authorised workers, including those in Regional Victoria.

Face masks are mandatory state wide both indoors and outdoors.

For more information on the current situationin VIC:


Things are looking good for those in South Australia, Tassie and the West. Keep up the good work!

Border Restrictions

With all the various restrictions around the country, most states have shut their borders to most other states and territories. To check on the latest border restrictions please visit:

Useful Links

We have recently updated the COVID-19 page on the FTMA News website to include all the relevant links for each state and territory. The links will direct you to the state/territory’s COVID-19 information. See the links here.

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