This piece was written and provided by FTMA Silver Sponsor, Meyer Timber.

As the tight supply on all building products continues during the current high industry demand, the timing of our new arrivals of meyFC Light Weight Fibre Cement could not have been more welcomed by our customers.

The trend to more builders wanting light weight FC for is directly related to avoiding call backs in wet areas, they are doing everything they can to mitigate complex call backs, because wet areas are never an easy or economic rectification.

When your builders are specifying Light Weight FC be sure to give them what they are asking for to avoid being caught in a potential dispute and accused of not following a builders specification.      

meyFC is a genuine Light Weight Fibre Cement with one board for both internal and external applications for live loadings up to and including apartment corridors (4kPa/4.5kN).

Speak to your Meyer Timber representative today about meyFC and join the club 😊

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