We hope this update finds you all well and we hope you are not only looking after your business, but also your mental health and that of your team.

These are tough times and even though everyone is still currently working we understand everyone is concerned with the lack of new house sales and projects. We recognise that many are worried that the Job Keeper will not help due to the delay in when your businesses will be impacted and this is why it is so important to see the introduction of a National Construction Stimulus Package.

The Frame and Truss Manufacturer’s Association (FTMA), Timber Merchants Association (MGA TMA), Timber & Building Materials Association (TABMA) and Timber Trade Industrial Trade Industrial Association (TTIA) are calling on the federal and state governments, through the National Cabinet, to introduce a housing construction stimulus package to underpin the massive policy effort that will be required to drive economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have developed a six-step proposal for consideration by state and federal governments to introduce a meaningful, value-adding economic stimulus package that will benefit Australians for decades to come and will maintain the viability of Australian regional producers and manufacturers.

The six-step plan comprises of:

  1. Extend the first homeowners grants program
  2. Re-open display homes
  3. Review stamp duty and land tax arrangements
  4. Establish a national social housing program
  5. National Disability Insurance Scheme Housing
  6. Introduce a national rent-to-buy program

We note that successful delivery of an effective housing construction stimulus program needs to be accompanied by an appropriate removal of red-tape, such that the program is not hindered by unnecessary bureaucratic interference. While we are conscious that appropriate steps need to be in place to prevent problems such as were encountered with the pink batts stimulus, we believe that the industry is in good shape to manage risks.

We cannot do this alone, we need your support as you are on the frontline, you are the businesses that will be impacted upon and politicians need to hear from you.

Included below is:

  • The Joint Association Six-Step Plan for Construction Stimulus Package
  • A media release promoting the plan and recognising that there are no crazy reinvention of policy in our plan as it is all about leveraging existing policy frameworks, with tweaks, to create economic growth, jobs and good social outcomes using policy mechanisms which can be achieved quickly and effectively, generating positive outcomes now.

Finally, we understand that there are many other stimulus packages being pushed by others, and as we have said in the plan, we welcome everyone’s ideas to help reinvigorate the Australian Construction Industry.

If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise we thank you for your efforts in promoting this plan throughout your networks and for writing to key Political Leaders and your local members of Parliament.

We’re all in this together and as always, our Associations are there to help.