On Earth Day 2022, FTMA Australia released it’s Carbon Warrior Policy, 4 Steps Towards a Greener Future as we called on all levels of Government to become Carbon Warriors by investing in our planet, creating a greener future for all.

Carbon Warrior is the environmental arm of the Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia, where our mission is to create a greener future for all, by minimising the negative impacts the building and construction sector has on climate change.

Together, building operations and construction account for nearly 40% of global energy related CO2 emissions, but by taking simple steps, such as using more renewable materials like wood, the built environment can significantly help reduce carbon emissions and help tackle climate change.

It’s unacceptable that Australia ranked last on climate policy in the latest Climate Change Performance Index, in fact, it’s downright embarrassing. It’s time to put in place sustainable construction policies such as Denmark, France, Amsterdam, and the City of Helsinki in Finland, who all recognise the importance of using timber in the built environment, as timber stores carbon for life.

We have created a policy proposal, 4 Steps Towards a Greener Future’, which outlines key steps that help minimise the negative impacts of the built environment whilst working towards creating a greener future.

The 4 steps towards a greener future include –

  1. Implement mandatory life cycle carbon calculation and reporting.
  2. Set embodied carbon targets.
  3. Invest in renewable materials, and
  4. Set requirements for bio-based materials.

The biggest financial investment the average Australian makes in their lifetime is their home, but now, by choosing to build with renewable materials, like timber, which stores carbon for life and helps tackle climate change, they can ensure their home is the biggest environmental investment they make.

Fabricators are some of the best Carbon Warriors going around, and we ask fabricators to share the Carbon Warrior policy with their local members of parliament, both Federally & State, and also send to any candidates in their electorate.

We need to get this simple message out there, that timber stores carbon for life and by becoming Carbon Warriors and choosing renewables when we build, we can create a greener future for all.

The policy is available to view and download on the Carbon Warrior website – carbonwarrior.com.au or via the button below.

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