WoodSolutions builds Mid-rise Advisory Team with a new resource for frame and truss manufacturers

Following the success of the pilot program, the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program (MAP) has been expanded. New Queensland-based, Dean Ashton has been appointed to the MAP team bringing a wealth of truss and framing experience with him.

While mass timber often grabs the headlines in mid-rise timber projects, most are still better suited to traditional stick framing, or a combination of the two. The role of the WoodSolutions MAP is to work with developers, architects, engineers, fabricators and builders to ensure that all the requisite skills are on board for a particular project and that the full benefits of timber systems are realised.

The MAP team can become involved at any stage of a project, although experience has shown that earlier engagement leads to more effective outcomes. Entry points for the MAP team are many – from fabricators and manufacturers to architects, engineers and construction companies.

The newest MAP member, Dean Ashton brings a different skillset to the team. As a civil engineer, Dean has more than 30 years experience in the timber industry, including working with Gang-Nail (MiTek) in the prefabricated timber truss and frame industry. During that time he gained experience in timber engineering design, manufacture and installation of trusses and frames, software support as well as training and development.

More recently Dean spent two years with Simpson Strong-Tie providing technical support for timber connectors and fasteners, as well as assisting with new product implementation into the Australian market.

Dean has also been a member on the technical committee for AEFAC (Australian Engineered Fastener and Anchor Council) as well as the Victorian Structural Branch for Engineers Australia.

As a member of the WoodSolutions team, Dean is looking forward to developing lightweight timber framing opportunities to complement massive timber to provide optimised timber solutions for mid-rise structures.

If you have a Queensland project that you would like to discuss with Dean, you can contact him on 0436 800 187 or dean.ashton@woodsolutions.com.au.