As advised earlier in the year, Borg Manufacturing has received EPA approval to implement an Urban Wood Residue recovery process. The EPA exemption allows Borg to recover a range of raw materials from other businesses, including: (1) softwood offcuts (included treated pine), (2) LVL and glulam offcuts, (3) wood pallets and crates.  In NSW we have already established collection facilities at Oberon, St Mary’s and Somersby on the central coast. We plan to open facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne in 2020.  We are also looking at flexible ways to collect wood directly from customers, either in bins we provide, in bulka bags, or in special trucks we are adding to our fleet. Every circumstance is different, depending on the volumes and geographical location, but we are open to discussion to find a way that works for both parties if possible. And of course, better rates will be available to fabricators who are buying our Structaflor products!

For inquiries related to wood waste please contact Paul O’Brien: 
E:  M: 0438 022 234

In other Borg news, in mid-November we made the size change in our flooring from 900mm to 800mm wide. The major on-site benefit for builders is safety related. Safework Australia data shows that 29% of injuries incurred by carpenters and joiners are “Body Stressing” injuries – strains, sprains and musculoskeletal injuries. The major benefit for Borg is increased production efficiency, allowing us to make more volume and be more price competitive. In 2020 we have further product improvements coming to make laying Structaflor quicker for builders.