As members know I spent a month in South Australia with my family, waiting on the arrival of my grandson, during which time I worked part time.

I managed to get around and visit most frame and truss plants, with a few I had to stay clear of due to COVID, but overall, it was a great opportunity to talk to South Australian fabricators about the state of their market and any issues they were facing as businesses.

The timing was perfect, as I was able to join FTMA Strategic Partner, Staxa, at an event for timber companies and fabricators at West Lakes Hotel, which was fantastic networking.

I also used the opportunity to meet with the South Australian Government to discuss our Carbon Warrior Policy. The meeting was well received and they loved the newly created Video Booklets from the Timber Framing Collective that explained the benefits of timber framing.

Timber Stores Carbon For Life and this is why our sector is pivotal to delivering net-zero housing in Australia, and this is a message we all must cascade to builders, consumers and politicians.

The South Australian Government is holding their first ever Industry Climate Change Conference 2023 on the 20 & 21 April at the Adelaide Convention Centre. It is important that in sessions such as Decarbonising the Construction Industry that they realise, our sector is the answer and that they cannot build net-zero houses without us. You can be guaranteed their will be a few Carbon Warriors in the audience ensuring they understand that we need policy changes around the built environment to reduce emissions.

If you wish to attend, they have a special of 2 registrations for the price of 1.

For more information, including an exciting line up of speakers, visit

I look forward to joining others at the SA Industry Climate Conference next month.

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