There is no doubt we all receive way too many emails on a daily or weekly basis and sometimes it is hard to keep on top of the emails.

FTMA Australia has been conscious of not overloading members with too much information and only sends out our newsletter monthly or important COVID-19 information is sent out as required to ensure businesses are on top of the latest news.

Every man and his dog these days has an online newsletter and it goes without saying that FTMA News is one of the best for fabricators as it is designed especially for you.

Another newsletter I find very informative is FWPA’s Statistic Count which is sent out monthly and contains a wealth of information.  Jim Houghton, FWPA’s Statistics & Economics Manager is responsible for producing the newsletter and draws on expert contributions and in my opinion, this is a newsletter you should all sign up to.

In this edition for example they cover:

There are many other great articles and every month you get the latest stats and facts to help you make the necessary plans within your business.

Whilst you are visiting the page, make sure you look at what other awesome resources are available via the FWPA page.

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