An FTMA member recently raised an enquiry about workplace surveillance.  In NSW and the ACT there is specific legislation on surveillance in the workplace and both statutes impose strict procedures that employers are required to comply with.  For example, employers are required by law to give employees 14 days’ notice that the employer undertakes surveillance in the workplace and surveillance in prohibited in change rooms, toilets, showers and, in the ACT, also prayer rooms, if applicable.

In Victoria, whilst there is no prescribed requirement for employers to provide notice to employees about workplace surveillance, in 2007 the legislation in Victoria was amended to make it an offence to install surveillance in certain areas of the workplace, such as toilets, washrooms, change rooms or a lactation room.

In consultation with our Industrial Relations experts at TTIA, FTMA now has a Workplace Surveillance Policy for members to utilise.  This policy can be found on FTMA’s website in the members only section.  Whilst this policy is based on the NSW legislation, it is good practice for members in other states or territories to use this policy as a template because providing notice to an employee about workplace surveillance can be useful when it comes to managing WHS compliance and employee incidents.

Members are welcome to adopt the generic policy which can be found on the Members Only section of FTMA News or they can contact the experts at TTIA on 02 9264 0011 or via email at to engage their services to custom the policy to suit your business.