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What You Need To Know About Timber-framed Systems for External Noise

Welcome back for the March edition of Design Guides That Matter #3. Where we are showcasing the incredible technical design guides that make up the FREE resources produced by WoodSolutions. For more general information on the design guides, January’s FTMA article has the main insight into what a great resource WoodSolutions has available.

The design guide we’re showcasing this month is:

Timber-framed Systems for External Noise

(11th in the series of guides)

Noise. Say what? In the cacophony of modern living, we rarely pause to appreciate the subtle notes of our acoustic environment. Sound is all around us. It is a sense that importantly connects us to nature, brings joy, signals danger, and allows us to communicate.  But unwanted audio or not being able to shut off when we need to, can harm our well-being, as the collective noise pollution levels in our homes, offices, and urban spaces continue to crescendo.

Noise is no longer the occasional intruder – particularly in urban living – it’s the unwelcome lodger. The detrimental health effects of noise pollution, from stress and sleep disturbances to cognitive impairment, are well-documented. Noise, as a side effect of industrialisation, is something that we have had to problem solve. What if the solution lies in a return to our architectural roots? Specific design features within the structure of our home, can give us protection from the elements, and dramatically reduce external noise. Materials we choose for our homes, particularly timber, can help shape our auditory landscapes and support the solace that we seek from the outside world.

Main options for reduced noise are around distance from the source, and barriers and landscaping to absorb the sound where possible. But, when it comes to the design or renovation of the home, there are tried and tested timber solutions to also assist. This technical design guide has advice, considerations, and answers – it references the different state requirements and the BCA requirements at time of publication.

The guide offers technical drawings and information from experts in the industry. It incorporates details for walls, roofing, and flooring. Make sure you’re putting out there the very best acoustic options, with your designs and for your clients – please check out the Timber-framed Systems for External Noise design guide. Timber has and always will be the very best material, and this guide showcases yet again that wood can also be our sonic sanctuary.

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