Australia’s forest industries have been showcased in new promotional videos produced by the Federal Department of Agriculture. The videos, the flagship of which premiered at an AFPA Members Dinner in Canberra on Wednesday 18th September, cover different themes of forest industries and promote their environmental, economic and social benefits.

AFPA Chair, Greg McCormack said “Those of us who work within forest industries have always known of the truly renewable nature of the timber and fibre products that we produce, but these new videos will help tell the story in an excellent way to more Australians.”

 “These videos will also help build on the great work of Forest and Wood Products Australia’s (FWPA’s) ‘The Ultimate Renewable™’ campaign. A campaign that new research shows, has reached 25 per cent of Australians,” Mr McCormack said.

The main flagship video the Department has developed is titled ‘Australian Forestry – Planning for tomorrow, today’. It can be viewed on the Department’s website.

The video premiered after an introduction from Federal Assistant Minister for Forestry, Senator Jonathon Duniam, and was well received by the whole timber supply chain represented at the dinner.

Some other more focused videos have been developed with different themes.

Australian forestry: benefitting our communities

Technology and innovation lead the way in forestry

Replanting and regrowing for the future

Wood – the ultimate renewable

“I congratulate Assistant Minister Duniam and the Federal Department of Agriculture for the work on these videos and willingness to engage with industry. This content is a fantastic resource to showcase the great work of our industries,” Mr McCormack concluded.

Ross Hampton (AFPA), Sen. Jonathon Duniam & Greg McCormack (AFPA Chair)

Kersten Gentle with FTMA Board Member Arthur Potter