With the LVL shortfalls currently within our industry we at ‘The Truss Joint P/L’ have successfully developed a ripper of an alternative for those raked ceilings.

We have named it the ‘FG Rafter’ because that’s what the chippies and builders say they are!!  Yep, you got it FG is for ‘F#%@ing Good’ !!!

The Benefits and Advantages are unprecedented. We have been swapping them in for I-Joist and Solid LVL Rafters all year.

Yes, they are dearer than I-Joist and LVL but so much better, quicker, and easier to fabricate let alone install on site. They are so easy to sell as an upgrade!!

Two great benefits for the fabricators are:

  1. Another product which is home grown and made from readily available materials with a great Gross Profit, and
  2. That leaves more LVL for the structural components like Lintels, Beams, Bearers, etc…

We have shared all the information with the three nail plate compaies, so if you are interested, please contact your nail plate provider, otherwise you can view the indicative span chart below.

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