The CFMEU Manufacturing Division is running a campaign in the hope of saving Victoria from running out of timber and hundreds and hundreds of people losing their jobs which we encourage you to participate in. See below

Only you, your friends, family, workmates and neighbours can reverse the Victorian timber industry collapse which has crippled timber communities!


We know we may have texted you about this recently but we know that you are busy and this is important!

Click here to email the Victorian Government now!

We desperately need as many members and supporters as possible to email the Victorian Government and tell them to save timber and paper jobs in Victoria.

Email them now! It takes 30 seconds!

The hardwood industry has collapsed because of Government inaction:

Forest contractors, their crews, sawmill workers and pulp and paper workers are facing a bleak future and we need key decision makers in the Victorian Government to know that this is completely unacceptable.

Take action by emailing them now!

PS if you have already written an email to them please ask family and friends to write one too and FORWARD THIS EMAIL to them.

Only if we act together can we reverse the dire situation facing workers, families and communities.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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