Over the past 4-5 months most FTMA Members would have heard me raving about the Roadpod systems developed by Mass Products and I for one was looking forward to their presentation at the conference.

Their presentation outlined that it’s their goal to transform the transport industry by becoming the world leader in systems that promote safety and efficiency and that is something we all want.

The best part of this system is the fact, like the Des Edge Systems, it was initially designed by a fabricator. I say designed in a very loose term as the design drawing, which is included in the presentation was very basic, but it was enough to get Mass Products to understand what was needed.

The Road Pods system addresses key issues that many fabricators face such as:

  •  Lack of storage room
  • Truck bottlenecks due to slow load times and cancellations taking several hours
  • Avoiding falls from heights incidents
  • Broken frames & trusses due to on ground storage
  • Inability to preload trailers due to lack of yard space

I believe these systems will revolutionise the transport within our sector and their catch phrase of safe, efficient and smart transport tools is spot on.

For further information and access to the video’s shown during the presentation please contact Paul Harazim 0423 420 136 or via email at paulh@massproducts.com.au


To view and download the Roadpod presentation please click on the link below.