FTMA Australia VIC Member, Hundegger has the following item for sale

Hundegger SPEED-Cut SC3 (2012 Model)


This highly spec’d machine is equipped with:

  • Automatic infeed and outfeed system
  • 5-axis sawblade 720mm
  • Support for small cross sections and lengths
  • Collection and delivery system for short components
  • 3-axis 7.5kW Vertical End Mill for mounting tools (x2)
  • Able to process stacked boards (up to 4 boards high)
  • Special tools for milling double mitres in board ends
  • 4-axis, 3-sided Turret Mill (for mortise, tenons, rebating, Glulam processing etc.)
  • Hydraulic pack lifting table for infeed
  • Vertical and Horizontal pen making system
  • Spare Saw blade


Material Capacity:

Cross Section

-Min                          60mm x 20mm

-Max                         450mm x 160mm

Ingoing Length                  1200mm – 13,000mm

Machine will be sold in a “cleaned and checked” condition with all components in safe working order and  replaced with new items where required. Installation and Training will be supplied.

Machine will be available for delivery (ex-Melbourne).

If interested please contact Sam Rowe of Hundegger:

0418 561 023 or