Pryda recently took the leap of faith with a virtual customer conference. Run over 2 days with 23 sessions, we chose to run an event at a time when the industry is under the pump and having the bandwidth was going to be challenging.

Why did we choose to go ahead? Challenging times can also often be the best time to think to the future. Looking to design and/or productivity improvements, thinking about your business plans and alignment to growth, being part of collaboration as an industry to share the journey we are all on. That’s important.

Many of our 200+ attendees have commented on the same thing – your guest speaker was brilliant. A kiwi adventurer, Jamie Fitzgerald has an amazing ability to weave his stories of battling physical and mental barriers in the middle of the Atlantic or walking to the South Pole and translate into examples of strategic thinking and tactical planning.

Jamie has recently published a story about a trans-Atlantic rowing event dealing with weather patterns completely out of their control and the lessons they learned which are completely transferable into any business scenario. While most of us won’t find ourselves in the middle of the Atlantic in a rowboat, we have all had a lot of recent experience dealing with uncontrollable events. It’s well worth a read as it’s highly likely it will be as impactful to you as it was to our conference attendees.

The full article is here – Jamie Fitzgerald link – and spoiler alert, his 5 lessons are below:

#1      The language we use changes how we think, then how we behave

#2      CHOOSE your response, rather than behave as though changes are happening TO YOU 

#3      Sometimes when you think you’re making the least progress, you’re actually making the most

#4      Our relationships last far longer than the storm 

#5      Be deliberate with your operating model in the storm

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