Welcome to Biz Buzz, a regular column providing a platform that can deliver information, ideas and support for our readers.  The topics are many and so varied with one thing in common, they will be informative and thought provoking.

We also want to have communication from you, what industry topics would you like to discuss or have an opinion on.

We know you don’t want another email with junk attached, so the idea is that each blog will only be a short read. We want to give a thought provoking blog with something for everyone along the way, from industry issues to personal development.

We all know that successful people seem to have all the time, well there is a reason for that! They plan their time, write it down, and stick to it. So, write this into your plan, that you regularly check what’s new on FTMA News and read the Biz Buzz.

Ideas for upcoming Biz Buzz blogs include:

  • Estimators and Detailers… where are they?
  • Architects and engineers, they draw it you have to build it.
  • Factory staff have different machinery these days, what does that mean/do?
  • Timber supply, EWP’s and what that means.
  • Industry people profile’s
  • Diversification what is that?
  • How much can we prefabricate?
  • It’s always an investment, so what is my return?
  • Chunk your day

This is only a few ideas but again, this is about researching and commenting on issues that are important to you.

Phil Ladson will be the key author of the Biz Buzz articles but we are always open to various opinions, so if you would like to be involved please send an email with your thoughts to editor@ftmanews.com

We hope you enjoy Phil’s first contribution titled “Finding that experience”